No More Cookies and App Tracking: How Will Your Business Cope?

Why Are Cookies Going Away?

App Tracking Transparency

So, What Can Your Business Do?

1. Embrace First-Party Data.

From Behaviors and Actions Taken Across Your Website, App, and/or Product

  • Age and gender (if they have accessed your site while logged into their Google account).
  • Location and language.
  • Where they came to your site from (i.e. traffic source), and where they go next.

From Your CRM

  • Look at how your existing customers move through the sales funnel.
  • Personalize and target communications and campaigns to new target audiences based on your existing customer data.
  • Analyze who your top customers are and use that data to construct buyer personas.

From Your Social Media

From Your Emails

From Surveys

  • Geographic location.
  • Age bracket.
  • Sex.
  • Level of income.
  1. On average, how many hours do you cycle each week?
  2. How many years have you been road cycling for?
  3. How much money do you spend per year on road cycling?

From Customer Feedback

2. Create and Promote Customer-Centric, Consent-Based Content.

Email Marketing

Owned Media

Organic Traffic

Social Media

Producing High-Quality Content

3. Utilize Google’s Privacy Sandbox.

  • a trust API that operates in a similar way to CAPTCHA software;
  • a “privacy budget” API that will limit the amount of data websites can acquire;
  • a conversion measurement API that lets businesses know if their ad was seen and if it converted;
  • a “PIGIN” API that tracks sets of interest groups for a particular user; and
  • the Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) API that monitors the browsing habits of groups of similar users (not individuals).

4. Contextual Advertising

Final Thoughts



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Jakub Zieliński

Jakub Zieliński


Content Lead at Semrush Marketplace and Co-Founder at Much2Kind Marketing content and product marketing agency